Carpet Cleaning Services

WoolSafe Carpets & Rug Cleaning Services

Poly Cleaning is a professional cleaning company providing high quality carpet cleaning services to our clients in London

Carpet cleaning is a service that we perform with the highest level of care and to the highest quality standards.  We appreciate how valuable carpets might be for their owners. That is why our carpet cleaning service is a combination of professional dirt removal, disinfection and delicate care.

To be able to deliver cleaning services to the level of excellence, we make sure that all our carpet cleaners are well trained and highly experienced. Poly Cleaning has a team of carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning supervisors who regularly monitor and assess the quality of cleaning services performed by our carpet cleaners.  This helps us not only to maintain our carpet cleaning services to the highest standards, but it also enables us to constantly improve our professionalism.

For our professional carpet cleaning and rug cleaning services in London we use the most effective method available today – the hot water extraction method. This method is used not only for carpet cleaning and rug cleaning, but also for professional upholstery cleaning and curtains cleaning. All cleaning materials that we use are environmentally friendly and not harmful to you and your family. By using well proven carpet cleaning techniques, professional carpet cleaning equipment and safe and effective materials, we are able to remove a wide range of stains. We can take care of the stains on your carpets before they appear and take preventive measures by applying anti-stain protection. But if you did not manage to make that before the stains appear, stain removal can restore the beauty of your carpets and/or rugs and improve the appearance of your home.

Using Poly Cleaning for your carpet cleaning and/or rug cleaning comes with more benefits than just having your carpets clean and sanitized. Our professional cleaning services are arranged at your convenience and are performed by not only professional, but also friendly and helpful carpet cleaners. We are happy to provide you with any information and advice about carpet cleaning of different types of carpets absolutely for free. Just contact one of our customer service operatives in case you have any doubts about the most appropriate cleaning method for your carpets.

Carpet cleaning and rug cleaning services provided by Poly Cleaning are exceptional and at the same time affordable. We appreciate the financial difficulties everyone faces today. That is why we make sure that our carpet cleaning services are at competitive prices without compromising the quality.