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Mattress cleaning is something that we need to consider every once in a while especially when we are expecting visitors. If left not cleaned for a long time, mattresses capture and hold unpleasant and harmful things like dust particles, dust mites, microorganisms, dead skin and odours.

Dust mites are present in every home, no matter how clean the property is and it is very difficult to get rid of them entirely. However, our a professional and experienced cleaning company like Poly Cleaning can advise you and help you control them. Although dust mites inhabit carpets, upholstery and even soft toys, the largest number of dust mites is usually found in your mattresses. This is the ideal breeding environment for them as they feed of flakes of shed human skin.

Regular mattress vacuuming and sheets changing does help for maintaining your mattresses clean. However, for thorough mattress sanitization periodic cleaning done by professional cleaners is important.

Poly Cleaning offers professional mattress cleaning that would not only remove stubborn stains and spills, but will also get rid of odours which is impossible to achieve with simply vacuuming. What is even more important, mattress sanitization ensures that harmful antigens like dust mites and other substances which trigger variety of allergies are eliminated.

If there are children or pets in your home mattress sanitization is essential for keeping the healthy environment in your place. Often removing pet stain requires specific cleaning materials and sometimes – professional cleaning. If used an inappropriate cleaning method the dirt may become a permanent stain which results in an irreversibly damaged mattress.

Using Poly Cleaning to professionally clean and sanitize your mattresses would bring you the benefit of having experienced upholstery cleaners do the work for you while you rest assured that stains, spills, dust, dust mites and other harmful substances are entirely removed and your home is odorless and healthy place again.

Professional mattress cleaning at Poly Cleaning is performed using top of the range cleaning equipment and incorporating one of the most powerful and effective professional cleaning methods – the hot water extraction method. This is a highly effective process that takes approximately 30 minutes to sanitize both sides of the mattress and eradicates organisms and bacteria.

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