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Wooden floors are a precious attribute to your home and maintaining them properly will ensure their long lasting beauty and shine. Wood floor care is important to not only for the sake of creating nice environment of your home, but also to improve their durability. The best way to ensure appropriate and effective maintenance of your floor is to always follow manufacturer’s recommendations. It is also a good idea to purchase your wood floor cleaning products directly from the supplier of your flooring. By doing that, you can rest assured that the cleaning products you are using for your wood floor cleaning are suitable for your floors. Moreover, you can direct any future enquiries regarding your floors, their cleaning and maintenance to one company.

However, buying suitable and effective wood floor cleaning products directly from the manufacturer or supplier of your floors is not always possible. That is why, it is important to know some general characteristics of your floors to ensure that you can buy the most appropriate cleaning products from any shop selling similar materials.

One of the most important wood floors characteristics that will determine the wood floor cleaning products and procedures is the sealant finish of your floors. Wooden floors that have been sealed with oil or wax for example require completely different cleaning products and procedures compared to those that have been varnished. If cleaning products and polishers are applied on oiled wooden floors, not only will the cleaning effect be unnoticeable, but also it is very probable that stains and patches will appear. That is why, never use wood floor cleaning product if you are unsure about the type and finish of your wooden floors. In most cases of wooden floors being damaged by inappropriate cleaning materials, the only remedy would be to sand and reseal the floor, which is very time consuming and expensive.
As wood floor cleaning and polishing can damage your beautiful floors if done improperly using inappropriate cleaning products, we recommend you hire a professional cleaning company to maintain your floors for you.

At Poly Cleaning, wood floor cleaning and polishing is carried out by well trained and experienced technicians who are well aware of the different cleaning products suitable for varnished or oiled wooden floors. Furthermore, Poly Cleaning operates with professional wood floor cleaning products and equipment provided by leading manufacturers like Bona.

Professional wood floor cleaning and polishing with Poly Cleaning guarantee tender care of your floors and long lasting protection of their finish and beauty.

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