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Vinyl Floor Cleaning & Polishing

Regular vinyl cleaning and hovering is extremely important for your floors. It will not only ensure healthy and nice environment, but is will also protect the vinyl from being damaged by sand, dust and other particles.

Many types of vinyl flooring produced today consist of protective layer of sealer or polish and to protect it from wear and tear they need regular professional cleaning and polishing or resealing. Vinyl cleaning products are specifically designed for vinyl and are not applicable for other types of flooring. This also means that you should not use any floor cleaning product to treat your vinyl. This may cause permanent stains and damage your precious vinyl flooring.

As a professional floor cleaning company, Poly Cleaning employs only well trained and skilled London cleaners who utilise the most effective floor cleaning methods to ensure that dirt, dist and bacteria are effectively removed and your floors are healthy and beautiful again for you to enjoy.

Professional vinyl cleaning done by Poly Cleaning is not only to the highest cleaning standards, but it is also affordable and reliable. Poly Cleaning offers prices starting from £4.00 per sqm and services available 24/7 for a variety of hard floor cleaning services combined with the use of polishes to achieve gloss or high gloss finish.


Choosing Poly Cleaning to do the vinyl cleaning for you means that you can soon enjoy your healthy and beautiful home again with nicely and deeply cleaned floors. We appreciate that floor cleaning would came the floors unusable for a short period of time while they are being cleaned and that this may cause you inconvenience especially if you have pets or children. That is why, Poly Cleaning offers flexible floor cleaning service meaning that we will work around your availability and will carry out the cleaning at the most convenient for you time.
Whether you need domestic or commercial vinyl cleaning services, Poly Cleaning is here to help. Why not try using our services and we guarantee that you will be amazed by the end result.

To Book a Service or Enquire About Our Cleaning Services Use Our Feedback Form or Call us on 0845 4599 719.

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