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Kitchen cleaning is often a very time consuming job and often involves many activities like fridge and freezer cleaning, tiles cleaning, oven cleaning, micro wave cleaning and maintenance of all other utilities. That is probably why many housewives spent a great deal of their time in the kitchen. Proper kitchen maintenance is important not only because bacteria can easily spread there as this is the place where food is stored, but also because it can be a source of disgusting smell if left unlearned for a long time.

Important tip for kitchen cleaning is to use cleaning gloves to avoid the skin contact with any cleaning detergents. This is actually a general advice for all types of domestic cleaning and commercial cleaning. Once you have your cleaning gloves and the cleaning materials in place, it is a good idea to start the kitchen cleaning process from the appliances. A good starting point can be the fridge and the freezer as you will need to take all food out of them, clean them and then put the food back. It is important however that you switch the freezer off the night before you do the kitchen cleaning. For more detailed tips on fridge and freezer cleaning see our article “Fridge and Freezer Cleaning”.

Once you have your fridge cleaned, you can proceed with deep cleaning of the rest of the appliances. Pay some extra attention to the micro wave cleaning as this is something that many people forget about and ignore while very often micro waves are the source of bad smell in the kitchen.

Having all kitchen appliances cleaned does not necessarily mean that you are done with the kitchen cleaning. Don’t forget to carefully clean all cupboards using the specific wood cleaning detergents for the materials the cupboards are made from. Although your cupboards are probably left closed for most of the time, you will be surprised how much dust and dirt can get accumulated into the kitchen cupboards.
Last but not least, make sure that you clean the kitchen sink and use a dry cloth to absorb all water. You can then put the final touch by hovering the floors and placing a nice table cover.

Kitchen cleaning is a lot of work and requires plenty of time to do it properly. That is why, professional cleaning companies like Poly Cleaning are there to help. Hiring a domestic cleaner will guarantee deep kitchen cleaning while you take care of other responsibilities.

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