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How To Remove Oil Stains from Fabric

No doubt everyone has had that sickening feeling in the stomach when after an enjoyable dinner out you notice a oil stain appeared on your new dress. The thought of staining your favourite outfit is sure to get you a sleepless night . After all, you got so many compliments for that lovely dress. The first thing you come up with is to use a commercial product to remove the oil stain from your clothing. It is easy to find but most often these products will not meet your expectations. You may feel either disappointed of the poor results or concerned if the chemicals in the productwon’t ruin your delicate clothing.. Sometimes old ways are really the best. Having a cooking stain, automotive or lubricating oil, we borrow you some of our precious advices on how to get grease off your clothes.

You need:
  • talcum powder or plain cornstarch
  • liquid detergent or dish detergent
Follow these easy steps:
  • First, place on a flat surface the fabric with the grease stain facing upside.
  • Apply rich amount of talcum powder or cornstarch onto the stain.
  • Leave for the overnight.
  • On the morning, scrub the excess powder off the stain.
  • If you happen to find oily powder remains on the fabric, rub it off and once again pour the powder and leave it that way for some hours.
  • When done, wash the fabric as you usually do.
  • After washing, take a closer look at the spot before putting the garment in the dryer.
  • If the oil spot is not removed, you can rub it over with alcohol to get your clothes all new again.
    Always mind that alcohol can also change the color of clothes, so it's better to try it on tiny spot before using.
  • This procedurecan be used on any and every kind of fabric.
  • Always prefer to use warm or hot water for washing such fabric.
  • Make sure that you brush off all powder from the fabric before dry cleaning.
  • Dish detergent can be used for washing because the molecules in such solutions are designed to trap oil.
The sooner you treat an oil stain, the better the result would be.

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