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How To Get Rid Of Toilet Stains

Known as ‘rest’ room, the bathroom is the only place in your house where you are only with yourself. Your most loathsome enemy there are the sickly dark stains that almost no toilet can save itself from. The main culprits are hard water and rusting. Always trust the professional service of experienced cleaners for the big events – moving in, moving out, one-off, spring cleaning or before throwing that grand party you worked on for over a month. Yet there are useful tips for the regular upkeep of your premises.

Bleach is a powerful cleaning solution. It successfully removes tough stains. Use half a cup of dry bleach powder to pour into the bowl of the toilet. Let the bleach take its effect for a few hours.Then flush off the toilet bowl and make sure you wash it thoroughly so there isn’t any bleach left.

Borax Powder is very effective in removing toilet stains. It’s also easy to find in any household utensil store. Sprinkle the powder straight onto the area you wish to clean. Then scrub the stains with the help of a plastic brush. When done, leave it for half an hour and then flush thoroughly. Borax powder makes the toilet shine in dazzling white.

Hard water stains , and specificallythe ones that appeared a long time ago and stayed longer, can seem almost impossible to remove. One effective way to deal with them is to use a lime scale remover. Cover the stain with it and leave it for some time. Then properly wash off the area with water. You should do the same procedure for a couple of times to finally remove the stain. Hard water stains are tough to clean when are being allowed to set, therefore our advice is to clean them regularly.

Preventing toilet stains is the best solution. Regularly cleaning can remove most of the stains. Our advice is to clean your bathroom at least two times a week. Removing the stains earlier is easier, and the other way round - the longer they stay, the harder it is to get rid of them later. Recent stains are easy to remove only with hot water and scrubbing sponge.

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