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How To Clean Your Bathroom?

Bathroom cleaning is often considered as the least enjoyable part of the house cleaning process. Scrubbing toilets, sinks and bath tubs is not really a very pleasant task, but nevertheless, it has to be done.
Cleaning the bathroom could be made easier and faster if it is done properly and with the use of the most appropriate cleaning products. Regular cleaning is also essential because if you wait until your bathroom is totally dirty it will take longer to refresh.

It is a good idea to start the cleaning process with washing all the shower curtains, clothes and rugs so that they can be left to dry while you clean the rest of the bathroom.
Make sure that you collect all the trash and throw it in the bin, so you know that all that is left in the bathroom stays there and needs to be cleaned.

The next step is to clean all counter tops, mirrors and windows. You might want to consider using natural cleaning products instead of commercial window cleaners to reduce negative environmental and health impacts.
Then, use an antibacterial cleaner to clean the sinks and make sure that you have your hands protected with cleaning gloves. You should try to avoid any direct skin contact with the cleaning materials as well as the dirty surfaces.
You can then start cleaning the toilet. Pour bleach or other toilet cleaning agent into the basin and leave it for approximately 15 minutes. In the meantime, you can clean the areas around the toilet using antibacterial sprayer to clean the tank, the lid and the seat. After that, use the toilet brush to scrub around the toilet basin and then flush.

Cleaning the bath tub or the shower should be the next step. Make sure that you clean not only the bath tub itself, but also the walls around it as bacteria easily spreads around. Having your rubber gloves on, spray an antibacterial bathroom cleaner extensively over walls and the tub. Leave the cleaning agent for a few minutes so that it can react with the dirt and then rinse the whole area with the shower. Use a tile cleaner if there is still any mildew left on the walls. Use a grot brush to apply the tile cleaner and then wipe with a cloth and rinse again.
It is important that you pay attention to the areas around the drain. This is where most bacteria accommodates so do not hesitate to apply extensive amount of the cleaner there. Use a brush which is soft and bristled to avoid damaging the bath tub.

Make sure that the bathroom window is kept open during the cleaning process so that the fresh air can come in and you are not exposed to high concentration of gasses released by the cleaning materials.

Your bathroom will be clean and sparkling if you repeat these steps at least once a month. This is also crucial for not allowing any bacteria to spread around the rest of your house and pose danger to your family and pets.

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