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Regular cleaning of your fridge and freezer is probably the single most important task of the house cleaning, as this is the place where most of your food is stored and should be carefully maintained.

For an overall fridge cleaning, the first thing to do is to take all of the food out in order to be able to clean all surfaces and shelves. You can either use a special fridge cleaning materials, or just hot soapy water, which is equally effective. Another useful tip for preparation of fridge cleaning solution is to mix soda bicarbonate with warm water which will neutralise the smell of the fridge as well.

Regardless of what cleaning materials you decide to use, the important thing is that you clean your fridge and freezer regularly which will not only maintain them clean and healthy, but also improve their cooling properties and consequently save electricity. It is also important that you use plastic containers or freeze-bags to store the food in your freezer as these will preserve the food better. For a clean fridge and freezer, always check the expiry date of the products on the packaging and make sure that you do not store them for too long.

If your fridge and freezer have not been cleaned for a long time, you might need to allow extra time for their proper cleaning and disinfection. You might also want to consider hiring a professional cleaning company like Poly Cleaning to do the dirty job of fridge and freezer cleaning, which will ensure that all areas are perfectly cleaned. Bear in mind that fridge and freezer cleaning is included in the overall end of tenancy cleaning or beginning of tenancy cleaning that Poly Cleaning offers. So, if you have decided to use a cleaning company for the overall deep domestic cleaning, make sure that they will also clean the fridge and freezer. However, you have to remember to take all food supplies out and switch the appliances off the night before the general house cleaning as it usually take several hours for the freezer to defrost.

Finally, once your fridge and freezer are perfectly cleaned, all you need to do is put the shelves, storage containers and all food back. Before you do that, make sure that they are also well cleaned and absolutely dry. Use a dry cloth to absorb any water before you put them back into the fridge or freezer.

Should you want to avoid the hassle of cleaning your fridge and freezer, Poly Cleaning would be happy to assist you. Professional domestic cleaners from Poly Cleaning knowing how to bring the sparkle back to your appliance are there to help you at any time. This guarantees you that your house cleaning is in safe and capable hands.

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