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Carpet Cleaning Methods

With the variety of carpet types and the different carpet cleaning methods available today, it is sometimes difficult to know exactly which type of cleaning is appropriate for your carpet or rug. The choice of the proper cleaning system is extremely important. If inappropriate cleaning method is applied, this may damage the carpet permanently. Some of the most popular carpet cleaning methods are described below.

Carpet Shampoo Method

The shampoo cleaning method is performed with the use of a rotary machine which releases the detergent solution onto the carpet. A rotary brush generates a lot of foam which is then left to dry and is vacuumed up the following day. In the mean time, the cleaning compound attracts the soil and dirt particles which are extracted by the vacuum. Sometimes, chemicals are added to the detergent solution to reduce odors and speed the drying process.

Shampoo cleaning methods are rarely used nowadays mainly because of the innovation of more effective cleaning methods that require shorter drying times. The most common problem associated with the shampoo cleaning method are the poor cleaning results and sometimes re-soiling problems.

Dry Cleaning Method

The dry carpet cleaning method, sometimes referred to as Carpet Absorbent Cleaner does not use any water at all during the cleaning process. This cleaning method is the only appropriate cleaning method for natural fibre carpets like Seagrass, Jute, Coir and Sisal. The cleaning process is expressed in application of dry absorbent compound over the carpet. This is can be sprinkled by a machine to achieve ultimate cleaning effect. The carpet absorbent attracts and absorbs soil and dirt particles. The final stage of the cleaning procedure is a very thorough vacuuming which extracts the cleaning compound together with the absorbed and dislodged soil and dirt. It is very important that carpets are carefully vacuumed before and after the cleaning.

This cleaning method has the advantage of no drying time which makes the maintenance easy. However, dry cleaning is not very effective for stain removal as it only extracts soils and dust. Also, sometimes extremely fine powder could be spread into the air and can reduce indoor air quality.

"Hot Water Extraction Method"

This method is sometimes called “Steam Cleaning”, "Warm Water Extraction" and it is the most popular and widely used cleaning method today. This is the only cleaning process classified as "deep cleaning” as this method allows soil and dirt removal from deep in the pile. It is also so popular because cleaning agent is not left in the carpet after cleaning.

“Stem Cleaning” is used as a synonym to the hot water extraction method as it uses fine spray of water to force dirt out of the carpet. This process consists of spraying a solution of water and detergent under very high pressure into the carpet pile. A powerful vacuum is then applied to suck the water, the dirt and the cleaning compound up. Hot water extraction method is a highly effective professional carpet cleaning process suitable for almost all carpet types except some natural fibre carpets. Many cleaning companies use this method for professional curtains cleaning and mattress cleaning.

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