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Benefits Of Fiber Protection–Protecting Carpets Against Stains
Proper maintenance and regular carpet and upholstery cleaning will help to enhance the appearance of your carpets and furniture but applying fabric protector is the most effective way for prolonging the beauty of your furnishings.
Fiber protection is designed to protect your carpets and furnishings from dirt, stains and dust mites. The general method for doing this is by surrounds each fiber and creating an invisible shield against soil and dirt. Consequently, dirt does not adhere as easily and it is easily extracted while vacuuming. Moreover, application of fiber protection reduces fiber wear from soil abrasion.
A good illustration of how furniture or carpet protection products can help is when it comes to spills. If for example red wine is spilled onto a carpet that does not have fiber protection, the liquid absorbs into the fiber of the carpet and in some cases leaves a permanent stain. If on the other hand you spill the red wine onto a carpet that has been protected you can see the liquid stay on the surface and not absorb into the carpet. In this case you have sufficient time to clean up the spill without leaving a stain on your expensive carpet.
You need to be aware, however, that applying carpet and furniture protection products does not mean that you can ignore the spills a day or two. The advantage is that it will allow you some time to get some cleaning towels and materials and will not allow the spillage to absorb immediately into the carpet. However, if you leave the spill untreated for a long time, it will eventually break through the protector, reach the fiber and cause a stain. In such cases, you will need to contact a professional carpet cleaning company and arrange stain removal, carpet or upholstery cleaning services.
Another great advantage of applying fiber protection on your carpets and furniture is that it will prolong the forming of wear patterns. Very often sitting in the same spot on your sofa or walking in the same pathways of your carpeting will form so called “wear patterns”. Because fiber protectors form an extra layer of protection, this process is significantly delayed.
Fiber protection is very useful for families with pets. It is very often difficult to avoid different types of stains caused by your pets. Usually in homes with pets there are stains like urine and vomit. Using fiber protection for your carpets and furniture prevents pet stains appearing as it repels liquids.
Applying fiber protection is a wise decision as it will not in any way harm your carpets and furniture. It will not change the appearance of your furnishings. What a fiber protector will do is to preserve the beauty of your carpet for a longer period of time while contributing to the healthy indoor environment in your home.

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