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How to maintain your carpet?

Professional carpet cleaning is something you will need to think about every once in a while. However, you can do a lot to maintain your carpets yourself for a long time if you follow the carpet maintenance tips below.
First of all you have to realise that carpets are substantial investment and they need sustained care in order to be protected against wear and tear for longer.

A wise decision when putting new carpets in your home or office would be to use separate mats at all entrances to avoid soil and moisture reaching your new and beautiful carpet. It is extremely important that you clean those regularly as well to avoid the dirt and soul accumulated on them being transferred to the carpets.

Regular hovering is the best thing you can do to protect your carpets. However, it is important that you follow the manufacturer’s instruction regarding which hoover brush to use at the various carpeted areas. This will protect your carpets well and will ensure longer periods between professional carpets cleaning needed.

However, even everyday cleaning of your carpets cannot avoid the eventual discolouration of your carpet due to sunlight exposure. That is why, it is important that you either use windows blinds to stop the direct sunlight coming through the window all day, or rotate the carpet at least once a year to change the exposed areas.

Another useful point to consider is the use of a good underlay when fitting your carpets. This will not only ensure good insulation, but also protect the carpet from moisture and bacteria coming from the subfloors.

Last but not least, treat stains immediately and appropriately. It is of course better to try and avoid stains appearing. However, this might be quite a challenge if you have pets and children for example. That is why, it is essential that you treat stains as soon as they appear to increase the chance for their removal. Please bear in mind that how you should threat the stain depends on its source and type. It is essential that you follow precise stain removal procedures to be able to remove the stain. If inappropriate stain removal method is applied for a particular type of stan, you risk transforming your stain into a permanent stain which can never be removed even by a professional cleaning company. For advice on stain removal, please visit our advise centre page.

Should you wish to dedicate the carpet maintenance and cleaning to a professional cleaning company, Poly Cleaning is here to help and deliver the highest quality standards cleaning services.

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